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 Optiviva MEMS VOA passed the reliability of CATV application

Guangzhou Yinxun Optiviva Inc.(a Sino-US joint venture enterprise, located in Foreign Economic Industrial District in       Guangzhou, China) announced the MEMS VOA in its MVOA-200 series has passed the functionality and reliability test in CATV network application. According to Optiviva, its MEMS VOAs are the best in offering superior temperature feature on the market. Meanwhile, Optiviva is the exclusive company whose products have passed the CATV reliability test.


Compared with telecommunication network, CATV network has most strict requirements for the temperature feature of the components. Most equipment used in the CATV network is installed outdoors. Due to the big ambient variation, the components must be workable during the temperature range from C40~+85 Nevertheless, the current MEMS VOA components are only specified to work in the range from C5~70. Therefore, the CATV system suppliers have to install extra temperature components, which highly increase the cost, complexity and maintenance cost of the system. The MVOA-200 series of Optiviva, completed in March, 2005, have passed the functionality and reliability test for CATV network. The products perform well in optical performance under operating temperature from C40~+85 with Insertion loss<0.8dB, PDL <0.3dB, WDL<0.4dBm and TDL<1.5dB.


With compact size, low power consumption, fast response, MEMS VOAs are well-received by more and more manufacturers. Based on the unique packaging design, MEMS VOA in MVOA-200 series of Optiviva passed the reliability test of Telcordia1209 and 1221, performing outstandingly better than its counterparts especially in the mechanical vibration and shock resist. Optiviva has implemented an internal quality management to keep improving all its products. The advanced manufacture process exploited in March 2005 ensures the products fulfilling the requirement of CATV through the strict control and timing adjustment. MVOA-200 series passed the functionality test in the temperature from -40 to 85 and on-line reliability test for 168 hours, the results showed that the products perform well in the temperature range from -40 to 85 with good temperature feature. TDL < 0.02dB/ at 20dB, which leads in this industry.


Established in November, 2003, Optiviva is a Sino-US joint venture between Applied Photonic Products Inc. (California) and ZCTD(Guangzhou, China), located in Foreign Economic Industrial District in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. Optiviva designs and manufactures MEMS based products for the photonics, biomedical and other industries. Most of the MEMS component manufacturers are in Unites States. As the only one in China, combining research and development with production, Optiviva has great advantages in its products with performance and value. Optiviva is currently offering MEMS Variable Optical Attenuators (VOAs) and dynamic optical modules with MEMS components (VOA Arrays, R-OADM and V-Mux) with industry leading performance.  Managed by industry veterans who have served in senior positions at JDSU/E-Tek, Corning, and Global Opticom, Optiviva is a value-focused manufacturer emphasizing innovative manufacturing solutions, engineering services, and low-cost manufacturing.

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