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Press Release Optiviva acquired Megasense

Optiviva (Guangzhou, China & Los Altos, California) is announcing the general availability of its patented MEMS VOA product line for optical networking applications. Optiviva MEMS VOAs come in two configurations: Normal (with minimum attenuation at power-off) and Blocking (with maximum attenuation of > 45dB at power-off). Both configurations are available in broadband and narrowband forms. Optiviva MEMS VOAs are designed to surpass the stringent Telcordia 1221 and 1209 environmental and mechanical tests. Optiviva has a complete Telcordia testing lab in-house to monitor and improve its product reliability continuously. Going even further, Optiviva MEMS VOAs have the leading performance characters in in-situ vibration and in-situ mechanical shock performance as required by Telcordia GR-63. 

Early this year, Optiviva acquired the MEMS VOA product line from MegaSense (Sunnyvale, CA), including its IP, product design and process, and the complete photonic production line. Optiviva has relocated the acquired assets to its China facility, is continuing the production since June 2004. Being the only MEMS component manufacturer in China, Optiviva also offers significant cost savings to its customers. In addition to full Telcordia qualification based on MegaSense products, Optiviva has completed Telcordia re-qualification of its MEMS VOA based on China based production output. 

Optiviva is a Sino-US joint venture between Applied Photonic Products Inc. (California) and ZCTD (Guangzhou, China). Optiviva is managed by industry veterans who have served in senior positions at JDSU/E-Tek, Corning, and MP Photonics. Optiviva designs and manufactures MEMS based products for the photonics, biomedical, and other industries. We are a value-focused manufacturer emphasizing innovative manufacturing solutions, engineering services, and low-cost manufacturing. We are currently offering MEMS Variable Optical Attenuators (VOAs) and dynamic optical modules with MEMS components (VOA Arrays, R-OADM, and V-Mux) with industry leading performance.

Product information can be downloaded from our website, and product orders can be placed via phone or at

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