MEMS 1x2  Switch (Preliminary)


Optiviva's 1X2 optical switch is a MEMS-based non-latching fiber optic product. A chip scale micro rotates under a TTL control signal, directing the input light path to either output ports. Its hermetic packaging provides high reliability under demanding central office conditions. It is PCB mountable with miniature footprint, ideal for telecommunication systems and equipment assemblies.


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  • Ultra-fast switching time

  • Miniature package

  • Hermetic packaging


  • Reconfigurable optical add/drop

  • Optical network protection and restoration

  • Transmitter and receiver equipment protection

Performance Specifications


Optical Parameters Specifications Units Notes
Wavelength range C Band nm L-Band is available upon request
Insertion loss 0.8 dB Max.
Return loss 50 dB Min. ,Typical 55dB
Polarization dependent loss 0.1 dB Max.
Switching time 5 ms Max.
Repeatability 0.05 dB Max.
Cross talk 50 dB Min. ,Typical 55dB
Temperature dependent loss 0.3 dB Max.
Optical power handling 300 mW Max.
Package Dimensions 24〜12〜10 mm  
Electrical Parameters
Control voltage 0~5VDC V  
Supply voltage 5VDC V  
Power consumption 100 mW Max.
Environmental Parameters
Operating temperature -5 - 75  
Storage temperature -40 - 85  
Humidity 80% RH  

                 *Values referenced without connectors


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