Optiviva's MEMS-based VOAs are designed to meet the requirements of dynamic fiber optic modules, subsystems, and networks. With the company's unique MEMS design and packaging technology, Optiviva offers cost-effective manufacturing services, highly reliable VOAs with Telcordia GR-1209, GR-1221 reliability compliance.

MVOA-250 is controlled by a drive voltage: 0~5V, and with a power supply: 5V;is available in either Blocking(maximum attenuation at power off) or Non-Blocking(minimum attenuation at power off) configurations .

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  • Low insertion loss

  • Fast response time

  • Compact packaged size

  • Low polarization dependent loss



  • Power equalization in dynamic DWDM network    

  • Gain-tilt control in EDFA modules

  • Fiber optical sensors

  • O/E receiver protection

Performance Specifications


Optical Parameters Specifications Units Notes
 Operating wavelength C-Band nm L-Band is available upon request
 Attenuation range 0~30 dB  
 Insertion loss 0.8 dB Max.
 Response speed 2 ms Typ.
 Return loss 45 dB Min.
 Wavelength dependence loss Broadband @0~15dB att 0.4 dB over operating wavelength
Narrowband @0~15dB att 0.15 dB/nm over operating wavelength
 Polarization dependence loss

@0~20dB att

0.2 dB Max.
 Temperature dependence loss

@0dB att

0.15 dB Max.
 Repeatability 0.1 dB Max.
 Optical power handling 300 mW Min.
 Electrical Parameters
 Power supply voltage 5\0.5 V Vcc
 DC driving Voltage 0~5 V 6V Max.
 Power consumption 40 mW Max.
 Dimension 24*12*10 mm or customized
 Environmental Parameters
 Operation temperature -5~75 ºC  
 Storage temperature -40~85 ºC  

☆Company reserve the rights to change and update the datasheet without notice the customers.  Please check with the company sales offices for the latest product specifications

    Package Dimensions(Units:mm


Pin# Function
2 Drive voltage
3 Power Supply
4 NC
5 NC
6 NC
7 NC
8 NC
9 NC
10 NC
11 NC
12 NC
13 NC
14 NC

Order Information

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