8-Channel Reconfigure OADM

Optiviva's ROADMs are integrated by compact MEMS based optical switches and variable optical attenuators (VOAs) for optical signal add/drop and balance. Optiviva's ROADM can offer up to 32 channels in C-band or 64-Channels in C+L band with 100GHz spacing to support variety physical and logical network configurations likes as point, ring as well as mesh fiber optical infrastructures.



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  • Flexible ass/drop capability with channel counts 4,8,16 or 32
  • Channel spacing with 100GHz,200GHz or even 50GHz
    in the future upon customer¨s requirements
  • Compact packaged size integrated by MEMS
  • User-friendly electronic interfaces


  • Multi-protocol switching and routing in enterprise networks
  • Dynamically add/drop in metro,long-haul DWDM optical networks
  • Remotely control for optical path protection
  • Fiber optic CATV systems

Performance Specifications


Optical Parameters Specifications Units Notes
Operating wavelength C-band:1528~1563            L-band:1570~1610 nm  
Channel spacing 100 GHz  
Channel pass-band  >+/-13.75 GHz  
Attenuation range 0~30dB dB  
Express channel insertion loss  <3.0 dB  
Add/Drop channel insertion loss  <5.5 dB Including optical switch,         VOA and tap coupler @23ºC 
Pass band ripple  <0.5 dB  
Adjacent channel isolation   >25 dB  
Non-adjacent channel isolation  >40 dB  
Return loss  >45 dB Including optical switch,         VOA and tap coupler     
Cross talk  >50 dB  
Polarization dependence loss  @0~10dB Att.  <0.35 dB Including optical switch, 
 @10~20dB Att. <0.5 dB VOA and tap coupler     
Temperature dependence loss  @0~10dB Att.  <0.6 dB Including optical switch, 
 @10~20dB Att.  <1.0 dB VOA and tap coupler     
Polarization mode dispersion  <2.0 ps  
Optical power handling  <350 mW Max. per channel
Electrical Specifications
  Power supply voltage 5+/-0.5 V DC
VOA DC driving Voltage 0~5 V Over attenuation range:0~20dB
  Response time 2 ms Over attenuation range:0~20dB
Output PIN 24 N/A Direct control VOA and optical switches
Total power consumption 5  W Without RS232 interface
Dimension 150*105*70 mm or customized

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